Healthcare Security Solutions for Providers and and Clients

Advanced Healthcare Security and Safety Solutions with Easy-to-Control Protection Across the Premises

Healthcare Security

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctors offices, clinics and more include many sensitive security areas. Patients, medical records and other confidential documents, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies are just a few of the many assets that cannot afford to be without high security protection. Only security systems that satisfy both needs can create the efficient, advanced and safe environment required for optimized 21st century professional healthcare. Contact our Healthcare Security Specialist to discuss your needs.

Meet HIPAA Standards

Mul-T-Lock’s Interactive® CLIQ® electromechanical platform eliminates the need for re-keying as it allows for instant authorization changes through user-friendly software that are easily recorded. In addition CLIQ lets you easily schedule keys so that employees are granted access only to specific locks at specific times and run audit trails to determine who has entered or attempted to enter each door and when. Wire-free and easy to install, Interactive® CLIQ® products easily add combined mechanical and electronic security to utility locks, retrofit cylinders, deadbolts, padlocks and more so you can benefit from the key features of hard-wired access control systems without the added hassle and cost of a complicated installation.



As an approved CA State Contract Provider, Coastal Locksmith® knows how to facilitate your needs to protect what’s valued most. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your institution.


Industry Solutions

Coastal Locksmith® provides the flexibility to make changes as they happen. Features such as audit trails can greatly assist in many aspects including incident resolution. No matter what size the project is, we have the solution that can be customized for each individual facility and the entire environment with elements that include:
High Security Locks
Access Control
Video Surveillance
Magnetic Locks

What we can do for you

Whether  you are  projecting the cost of security and video surveillance, or looking into money-saving purchase agreements, our Healthcare Security professionals are here to help.

  • Easy-to-manage electronic visitor management systems.
  • Video based intercom systems.
  • 24-hour video monitoring and recording.
  • Superior mechanical locking solutions – Bump free, Pick Free and Drill free.
  • Only authorized personal can duplicate keys.
  • Restrict access to areas, learn who has entered and when , or schedule access times for different users.
  • keyless entry (using biometric, digital access, or RFID)
  • Wireless, Electromechanical cylinders (with scheduling, audit trail and instant key authorization and deactivation capabilities)
  • Master Key Systems that designed to be customized and address the needs of the most complex environments 
  • Sliding Showcase Locks, Push Locks, Cam Locks, Drawer Locks, File Cabinet Locks, Plunger Locks and more.
  • Healthcare Facilities Locksmith Services

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